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Birth of a Blog

While I have been reading other people’s blogs for years, this is my first view from the other side of the page, and it is a bit overwhelming.  I will do my best to post useful information in the next few days – once I figure out how to work the controls.  (For now I am posting just to get rid of the “this is a post – edit and type here” placeholder.)

It is my goal that this blog will help clarify some of the confusion about having something custom-made or sewn for you.  If nothing else, I hope you will find it informative & interesting.  May you be inspired and confident to be yourself when you dress!

One response to “Birth of a Blog

  1. Saphira September 22, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    So ready…
    reading everything
    understand most of it 🙂
    most important:

    Like it


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