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A Retro Headpiece for a 1930s Themed Wedding

While I wait for my sister to unearth her discs of wedding pictures from almost eight years ago so that I can do a complete post, here’s a bit of a preview – her 1930s style bridal headpiece.

My sister brought me these pictures of vintage headpieces for inspiration:

Headpieces and beading closeups

I created a paper mock-up and we tweaked the curves to be the most flattering shape for her face. Then I made a wired form and covered it with the same fabric used for her wedding gown. Since my build time for the entire wedding was limited by a change of date, I saved some time by using a piece of store-bought lace that had an art deco feel as the background for the beadwork.

Despite the rush, I somehow made time for the hand-sewing with beading (which was echoed on her dress) and I believe I managed to capture the 1930s look pretty well.

The finished wedding headpiece & veil

A closeup of the beading detail

And here’s the bride positioning her headpiece & veil on her wedding day:

Stay tuned for the wedding dress & more in a future post!  Read more about the bridesmaids’ dresses…

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