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Poor-man’s Stained Glass Window

I love stained glass, and if I had all the tools I had access to when I was in college, all my windows would be decorated with the real thing. But for now, I will be cheap and fake it. =)

Here’s a super easy project for a quick Christmas decoration. No sewing involved but I wanted to share.

You only need four things: tissue paper (in various colors), a pencil, scissors, and double sided tape. (Cardboard for template is optional.)

I chose three colors of tissue paper – red, green, and lime.

I don’t remember why I first thought to do this to decorate our back door for Christmas. Maybe that was the year we lost our fence in a windstorm and I thought it was a good idea for privacy.

I made a cardboard template to fit in the rectangles of the window frame and traced it onto the tissue paper. Then I simply cut out the tracings, and with a few very, very tiny pieces of double-sided tape around the edges, fastened the colored panels carefully to my window (on the inside).

I kept the bottom left open for the doggie viewing-hole & because I didn’t want to cut into a whole new piece of tissue paper for just 1 panel.

During the day, I have a fake (but pretty) stained glass look to my back door. And at night, it’s extra privacy and glowing color on the outside.

Cleanup is easy. All I have to do is rip the paper off and throw it away when the decorations go back into storage.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


2 responses to “Poor-man’s Stained Glass Window

  1. Athene December 21, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Doggie viewing panel!!! 🙂

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