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Trampoline Ballet – Toddler Tutu Part Two

Well, it’s been 9 months, and my niece is still enjoying her tutu. (In case you missed it, here’s the previous post about it.) Her newest penchant is ballet on the trampoline, as she demonstrated for me last time I visited:

She’s such a goofball in front of a camera!

I am really shocked at how well the tutu has faired a 3-year-old’s abuse – it’s still holding itself straight out! I’m so glad I used the elastic waistband because she has no problem putting it on by herself. Now that she has a leotard and ballet shoes, it’s her favorite outfit.

I think she puts it on every time someone comes to visit.  😀

Tutu for a Toddler

I am going to share a personal project about what I gave my 2½ year-old niece for Christmas – a tutu!  It was one of the cutest little things I think I have ever made!  In order to make it easy for her to put on by herself, I decided to gather the ruffles onto an elastic waistband.  And (because I simply can’t do anything the easy way, gosh darn it!) I made it the way tutus are made for professional ballerinas – which means it was a pain in the neck to do, but it stood straight out to the sides – with no drooping!  =)   

It was adorable on my baby dressform:


That’s 15 yards of tulle ruffle on an 18 inch waistband!

Here it is in front of a darker wall were the light pink underlayers show up a little better:

And here she is a few days after Christmas wearing her tutu:

I think she likes it.  =)

Update:  See Part 2 of the toddler tutu.

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