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Art is Messy

This week it occurred to me that all creative things begin with The Mess. To create something beautiful, chaos is apparently required.

You want to paint something? Pull out the drop cloth, newspapers, and old paint clothes or smock.

Decide to cut some wood for a home improvement project? Pull out the vacuum.

Even creating a meal is messy!

I can only imagine how messy a sculptor’s studio would be during a project or how messy an author’s desk can be mid-book. (Oh wait, I don’t have to imagine that – I have a messy desk right in front of me and I’m not an author.)

Lest you get the wrong impression from previous posts that my sewing room is always neat & tidy, here’s The Mess currently loitering on my cutting table:

I have too many ideas trying to become reality right now. I need to spend a couple days of what I consider boring but completely necessary mockup making.

I will spare you the view of the unruly piles in my guest room. And I’ll show you the home improvement project when it is finished and no longer cluttering the den.

Making The Mess is easy. It’s the getting past the messy stage to produce the art that is the challenge!

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