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Forget Resolutions, I’m Picking a Word.

In years past, I’ve sometimes made New Year’s resolutions and sometimes not; but as noble as the idea sounds, I’ve always felt they are rather pointless because they just wind up being a source of disappointment by highlighting a person’s shortcomings in the end.

That’s depressing.

I found this article about skipping New Year’s resolutions and simply choosing a word for the coming year.  It can be anything – noun, verb, adjective – just one word.

I have to say I really like this idea – it’s the opposite of depressing!

I think picking a word for the year could be an optimistic, uplifting, encouraging, inspiring, and (dare I hope?) motivating thing.  All the things that people wish for in a resolution.

I cannot fail at a word because it’s just a word.

A word can have multiple meanings, and allow for more thinking outside the box, compared to a resolution.

It could be fun to discover new ways to define a word in relation to your everyday life.

After much pondering, I have chosen a verb as my word, mainly because I feel the need to be active somehow.  My word for 2013 is Create.   It has a number of meanings and its origin (creatus) is related to the word crescere which means “arise, grow”.

I’m sure I will become aware of many ways Create applies to my life during my daily routine throughout the coming year.  I can’t fall short and I won’t forget my word by the middle of February.  =)

Feel free to join me in choosing a word for 2013, whether it’s Create or another word that speaks to you.  (And if you do, please share your word in the comments!)

Happy New Year!

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