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And I Don’t Even LIKE Sports

My upcoming costuming gig is for a movie. A movie about… football. Specifically, high school football.

I know lots about costumes, but almost nothing about football (I think I only attended one football game while in high school & my college didn’t have a football team during the time I attended), so this should be interesting. It’s been a year of sports for me – first all the basketball uniforms and now football.

I just finished reading the script, and guys, it’s really good! And I don’t even like sports! (I guess I’ve always been too academic and into the Arts to truly appreciate sports.)

The plot is based on a true story about a special football game back in 2008 between the Grapevine Faith Lions and the Gainesville State Tornadoes that is now an annual event and has spread to other schools in the surrounding Texas area. The script is curse-word free and inspiring – totally family friendly (there is a little violence though). I think the world can always use another feel-good movie.

I actually teared up a little, and that’s saying a lot because scripts always read slightly cheesy no matter how good they are! (There’s just something about script-formatting that reads awkward on the page, but can be something amazingly wonderful when cast & crew bring it to life.)

Of course, I won’t be able to share many details during the production (you’ll just have to wait and see it in theaters), but I can share a few links for now. And I’m sure I will have a few non-proprietary behind-the-scenes work stories I can reveal. =)

The movie is called One Heart. Here’s the website of the organization behind it and there is also the official movie site (it’s a bit slow to load, but I promise it does load eventually). Almost 400 football players showed up to audition for it!

There’s also a book about Coach Kris Hogan (the movie’s central character) and his football team (the Faith Christian Lions) called Remember Why You Play by David Thomas. It’s available in physical form from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I just downloaded the eBook version for my nook a couple days ago. And there’s also a Kindle version available.

Because it’s a movie about football and football games, there’s going to be quite a bit of exterior night shooting. So far, it looks like the first 3 weeks will put me on graveyard shift. I’ll probably be all turned around (6pm will be my 6am), but I won’t have to wear sunscreen at work – yay! And right now, the nights are beautiful here in Texas.

(I can’t imagine doing night work on an epic film like Lord of the Rings – one of those movies had 6 months of night shooting for the battle scenes! Yuck, how depressing when you go that long without seeing the sun!)

Come mid-October, I’ll probably still be around online, just at really odd hours (North American time anyway), especially on the weekends. So read the preview of the book online and buy it if you’re interested, and I look forward to sharing the work related stories I can legally talk about.

You guys like stories about laundry, right? *grin*

Despite the crazy hours and all the sports stuff, I’m really looking forward to this job!

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