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Another Blogging Award!

Just two days after posting about my Liebster Award, I was honored with another blogging award – the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Life has kept me rather busy (as soon as I’m able to get some better photos, I will post about my Easter dress!) so I am more than a month overdue for an “acceptance speech”.


Thank you so much for the nomination, Karen! I can’t tell you how honored I am to be on your list of inspiring bloggers! You were the first follower of my blog who I didn’t know in real life, and I am constantly inspired by your blog. You have amazing style, wonderful taste in fabric and patterns, and you teach me so many interesting details about fashion history with your posts! Thank you for the inspiration – I’m delighted that the inspiration is mutual! =)

The rules seem pretty universal for this award:

  • Display award image on your blog page. Check.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you. Check.
  • State 7 facts about yourself. Eesh. These random things are going to make my logical brain overload from difficulty!
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. Since I’m inspired by so many bloggers via their blogs or even just conversations on Twitter, how about a “blogroll” of sorts?

Okay so more facts about me. Umm…

  1. I hate abbreviating when I write – which makes tweeting really hard! It’s probably because I was never good at Spelling when I was in school. (I’ve worked so hard to learn to spell, don’t make me do it badly on purpose!) Plus, when something is completely spelled out, there is less chance of confusion/misunderstandings.
  2. I love typography. I can be a bit obsessed with letters, fonts, and page layout.
  3. I have nearly 600 unique sewing pattern numbers (not counting doubles of the same number) in my collection.
  4. I’m on IMDB but my listing  is horribly incomplete since I have neither an agent nor a paid account. Crew pages are full of errors & omissions. And no one ever gets a job because of IMDB. Resumes are much more impressive, but even those won’t get you a job in the film & theatre worlds. Word of mouth is the only way I’ve ever gotten a job.
  5. Fun geeky piece of trivia from my life: I graduated college in 2001 and our graduation march was Holst’s Jupiter on the organ. (Geek points if you get why this was geeky!) Specifically, this part of the piece:

(Okay, just two more! Come on randomness…I can do this! *pep talk*)

6. My favorite color is green (especially shades of lime and grass) but orange is a very close second.

7. I finally joined the 21st century and got a smartphone. So now when I’m not at home, I can take emails (the limited access to email was getting to be a career problem) and Twitter with me. And now that my phone has a decent camera, I got an Instagram account.

And now for the easy list – my blogroll (in no particular order)! Many of the blogs that inspire me already have the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, but if any of the following bloggers don’t have it and would like to claim one for themselves, consider your blog nominated and do with it what you will. =)

Blogs I’ve followed for a year or more because they inspire, make me think, and/or teach me things I did not know:

Fifty Dresses by Karen (My nominator who also inspires me.)

Three Dresses Project by Leila (Sewcialist extraordinaire who introduced me to the Twitterverse)

Cation Designs by Cindy (Queen of the geeky bedsheet dress!)

The Vintage Traveler by Lizzie (If you love vintage clothing and fashion history, this is a blog not to be missed!)

EPBOT by Jen (DIY craft geek who is also the first blogger I ever followed regularly when a friend sent me the link to her hilarious Cake Wrecks blog just a couple months after she started it. EPBOT quickly became my favorite when she started it as her second blog.)

A Girl in Winter by a self-taught seamstress (who’s an amazingly FAST learner!)

Drawing Saudade by Saudi (I’ve followed her for almost a year now)

Blogs of some of my inspiring friends that I actually know in person (and many of which I helped setup):

Down by the Ash Tree by Ashley (my sister’s food & various domestic pursuits blog)

Purple Powder Puff by Marlene (my professional makeup artist friend)

art-T-dolls by Traci (friend and fellow professional costumer)

The Life and Times of Athene by Athene (who I’ve known since 8th grade and always writes stuff that amuses me)

Barbara Knits by Barbara (my amazingly talented knitting friend, who I have more to write about in a future post)

Blogs of some of my inspiring new Sewcialist Twitter friends:

Love-Teach-Sew by Stephanie

Bird and Bicycle by MaLora Ann

Thimble & Cork by Kacie, a fellow Texan

Disparate Disciplines by Mari

Gjeometry by Catja

Sew Exhausted by Laurie (and her cousin Kerrielee)

A Make It Yourself Mom’s Diary by Laura

Sparkly Super Nova by Nova, who “lives on a cloud with her unicorn” (best location description ever!)

Kadiddlehopper by Katie

Sew and So by Becky

Musings of a Seamstress by Sarah

Crafting a Rainbow by Gillian

Sew Little Time by Joanne

I know I’m leaving out blogs that just haven’t made it into my reader yet. (I have so many wonderful conversations with those of you on Twitter, I sometimes forget to read your blogs if I don’t catch a link when it’s tweeted.)

Just look at the profiles of people I follow on Twitter if you want to find more blogs! Or look at the blogs of those who regularly comment here – I often spend time reading theirs. =)

The online sewing, crafting, diy-ing community is always inspiring! May we continue to inspire and encourage each other!

A Liebster Award (with Pics!)

I’ve recently been bestowed a blogging award… twice!

While I was busy sewing cheer uniforms, I was awarded a Liebster Award by Julie of (you may remember her vintage hat that I restored).

And before I had a chance to “accept” it, my new blogging friend (via Twitter) Stephanie of Love-Teach-Sew also awarded me the Liebster!

I am doubly honored. =)

I do have to say that a lot of these blogging awards confuse me. I think I’m just too logical to completely understand them, and the rules always seem to change as they get passed around from blog to blog.

Case in point, the rules from both my nominators were completely different when it came to passing it on. I’m so bad about passing awards on (sorry!) because a) it seems that half of the blogs I would nominate already have the award and b) the rules usually disqualify the other half.

Anyway, to show my appreciation to my sweet nominators, I will combine their questions into a list of 11 and share 11 random facts about myself. (The number 11 is inexplicably the one consistent thing about all the versions of the Liebster Award rules.)

I hope everyone enjoys the randomness… with pics! =)

11 Questions:

  1. Cats or Dogs? Little dogs. Especially Jack Russell Terriers.

May I sit on your lap? Pleeeeze?

  1. What is your favorite form of social networking?/ What do you do in your spare time?  I have considered blogging my hobby for a while now, but I would say that Twitter is more addictive. More instant gratification I suppose.
  2. Coffee or Tea?  Tea. With milk and sugar – the British way. I can’t stand coffee because I’m a Supertaster and it’s disgustingly bitter to me.

  1. How many siblings do you have? One younger sister.
  2. What’s the first thing you’ve sewn?/What’s the first wearable thing you’ve sewn?/Why did you start sewing? I don’t really remember what the first wearable item I made was, but these questions are all answered to some degree in this blog post.
  3. Who’s your biggest inspiration?/Where do you find new sewing inspiration? Lots of creative people inspire me and many of them are my blogging friends and commenters when it comes to sewing. The online sewing community is amazingly cool. Sewists, #sewcialists and Sewasaurus Rexes all!
  4. What’s your favorite craft besides sewing? I really like millinery but I don’t have all the tools I really need/want. And I miss my college days of stained glass making. Once again, lack of tools. I do occasional origami – sometimes in miniature.

Each little “flower” started as a one-inch square piece of paper.

  1. What’s your dream project? To work in a costume shop for a big budget period or sci-fi/fantasy movie with amazing costume designs to build. And then NOT to work full-time on set once they are built. =)
  2. What’s your favorite sewing snack? I often forget to eat when I’m involved in a project, but I try to keep nuts (especially almonds or cashews) nearby. Often, they are candied or chocolate covered.

Currently, I have Cocoa Almonds and Chocolate Butter Toffee Peanuts.

  1. What’s your craft space like? See for yourself – it’s the most popular post on my blog (and here’s the sequel). It’s even in a book!
  2. Which projects were you most excited about that turned out a complete fail? I had a lot of fails as a kid trying to learn to sew without much guidance. But the most epic fail I remember was one when I was probably in 8th grade. I wanted to make a jumper (dress worn with a shirt underneath) that I could wear to school. I chose a nice simple princess seamed pattern but I used denim that was WAY too thick. Once it was made, I hated how stiff & belled the hem was – it stood out from my legs in the most unflattering way. It was a complete disappointment. Most sewing fails are the result of bad fabric choice.

11 Random Facts (in Random Order):

  1. I was Salutatorian of my graduating class in high school. (But there were only 29 of us in the class.)

A page in my senior scrapbook from high school. One of my good friends was the Valedictorian (on right) – that’s why we both have medals.

  1. Randomness/improv is amusing and makes me laugh, but I completely stink at being random. I’m too cerebral. Just ask my husband. (You have no idea how hard it is to come up with random facts about myself!)
  1. I play piano. I got my very own upright grand vintage piano (1927 I think) from a neighbor two doors down. It’s so heavy took 3 men to wheel it down the sidewalk and then lift it over the threshold.

My vintage upright grand piano.

  1. If I were rich, I’d pay my sister to do all my cooking. She’s better at it than I am and she actually enjoys it!
  1. My husband and I met online BEFORE it was cool. (I’m talking in the days of dial-up!)
  1. Star TREK is my first sci-fi love, but I enjoy lots of other things like Star Wars, Firefly, Back to the Future, Doctor Who – yeah, I just plain like sci-fi.  But not horror.
  1. I don’t have a personal Facebook account – just my “business page”.
  1. I originally wanted to be a Disney animator.
  1. I have an Uncle Donald who was a safety engineer at Disney World until he retired a few years ago.
  1. I’ve moved 18 times. Some of those moves were in the same town and others were across the country. I don’t ever want to move again.
  1. I have really good color memory. I do really well at matching shade & tint in the store without having the object I am matching with me.


Okay, your turn! Share something random/funny/interesting in the comments. =)

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