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Spearmint Pattern Winner

So, you may have noticed my previous post was a bit long.  But did you stay with me till the end?  Did you see there was a giveaway?  You did?  Well, it’s time to announce the WINNER!

And thank you for all the nice comments! It means a lot to me when I get some even from those who aren’t wanting to enter a giveaway!

As with my past giveaways, names were placed in the hat:

My husband drew the winning name, and the lucky winner of the Spearmint coat pattern is:

Congratulations, Fwaire! Please email me your mailing address and I’ll put your pattern in the mail. =)

I have plans for a second version of the coat thanks to Leila because she posted a photo of this:

So I’ll be drafting a new collar and adding some other details. I think I’m going to make this version unlined, with bias finished seams on the inside. It will be an olive-y cotton corduroy:

Cotton corduroy for another Spearmint.
Measuring tape fabric will be a fun skirt and possible lining if I decide to line the coat after all.

Of course I wish I had copies of the pattern to send to everyone else who entered, but you can buy a copy from Lolita Patterns in downloadable pdf or already printed on pattern paper. A sewalong will be coming soon on the Lolita Patterns blog.

Wristlet Pattern Winner

Thank you, everyone, for all the wonderful comments on my last post! I’m glad you liked the wristlet bags I made (it seems the shoes print was the most popular).

I had tons of fun making them and using some of the novelty fabrics I’ve had in my stash for a while! I have plans to make many more. =)

I promise anyone can make great little bags like mine using Erin’s amazing instructions!

I’m currently in the middle of building a special Halloween costume during my time off from work-sewing, so please excuse the fact that I skipped the actual hat drawing for this giveaway. Afterall, there were 75 comments! That’s a lot of writing and folding to put names in the hat!

So I used a random number generator and it gave me the number 46.

I counted twice and my husband counted once. (I skipped my couple of reply comments in the count.)

The lucky winner…

with comment number 46 is…

Oh, here’s a photo of that costume I currently have under the needle of my machine:

I’m stitching the stars on a Wonder Woman cape!

Oh, sorry!

You wanted to know the winner!

Commenter number 46 is…

Chuleenan of C Sews!

Congratulations, Chuleenan! I will make sure that Erin has your email to send you your PDF pattern!

And for those of you who didn’t win, I strongly encourage you to buy a copy of the Dog Under My Desk Essential Wristlet pattern! You will not be wasting your money! I promise. =)

Thanks again to Erin for having such a fun blog hop (there are still more pattern giveaways happening elsewhere!) and for letting me give a copy of your wonderful pattern away!

Now, I’m off to sew more stars on that cape…

And We Have a Winner!

I would like to thank all of you who left me a comment on the last post! I love hearing from my readers and it’s helpful to know that I’m posting about things you guys are interested in reading about. Thank you so much for the useful feedback! =)

I really wish I had something to send to each and every one of you!

But, as promised, I have randomly selected the winner of my first giveaway (with the help of my husband):

I should have known he would be a comedian hand-model. It was really hard to get non-blurry photos because I couldn’t stop laughing!

I’m sure there is a fancy more high-tech way to make a random selection, but I’m new to the giveaway thing and just did it the old fashioned way.

The comments were printed, cut into strips, names written in marker on the backs, and folded into tiny packets:

And because I couldn’t resist, the names were then placed in a hat, from which my husband blindly selected one to be the winner.

And drumroll…

Is the suspense killing you?

(hehe, sorry.  *grin*)

The winner of the book is…

Karen M. Franceschini! Congratulations and check your email for more details, Karen. =)

Now it’s time for me to get back to making cheerleading uniforms.

That’s nearly 50 yards of fabric and close to 250 buttons!
Anyone want to come over and sew on some buttons?

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