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The Sorting Hat Has (Sort of) Spoken

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on the last post! I had a lot of fun reading about everyone’s sewing projects!

There were quite a few of you in need of a good press cloth and I really wish I had enough to send one to everyone!

I wrote all the entries on paper (I’m old school like that, plus it gave me something to take photos of):

As promised, for the small cloth drawing, I put everyone’s name into the hat:

And then my husband drew the names of the winners.

The first winner of a silk organza press cloth is:

The second name drawn was:

Winner number three is:

And the winner of the larger press cloth for her entertaining comment is:

But wait! There’s more!

Right after I published the giveaway post, I found a 5th press cloth! It had slipped off of my ironing board and into a stray bag of fabric, and I had forgotten the exact number of press cloths I had made.

So there’s one more lucky winner! The final press cloth goes to:

Congratulations to IngeMaakt, Bird and Bicycle, LauraHoj, The Seeds of 3, AND Karen!  Please email me your mailing addresses, ladies, and I will get them in the mail sometime this week.

And since I can’t send one to the rest of you, I will share this video with you (because The Seeds of 3’s comment got the song stuck in my head):

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